TOP 10 Gadget Gifts for Beer Lovers

Still struggling to find a gift for the beer-lover in your life? Our round up of nifty beer gadgets could offer some much-needed inspiration.  From icicle beer chillers and mind-bending beer taps to at-home draught beer kits, the world is full of gadgets from the practical to the perplexing. Check out the offers at:  Gadgets for […]

AB To Open Biergarten

Responding to a growing market for beer and food pairings, Anheuser-Busch will unveil a new restaurant and biergarten later this month at the Fort Collins brewery. Construction is now underway at 2351 Busch Dr., in A-B’s old tasting room and tour center located behind the brewery. Once open, the renovated building will house a gift […]

Hickenlooper, Beauprez a offer voters stark differences

By Megan Schrader Updated: September 28, 2014 at 7:12 am • 5 Colorado voters will decide in November between two self-made millionaires for the state’s next governor. Incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat from Denver, and former Republican Rep. Bob Beauprez are locked in a heated race that most polls indicate could go either way. […]

Why Growlers Are Good I remember handing a growler to the food editor of a major newspaper asking him to hold it for a moment while I organized a few belongings. He asked, “What is this?” Yikes, in my mind he is a food editor. He should know what a growler is, but maybe that is hoping for […]

A Fading Promise

By The Denver Post Editorial Board What if they opened up retail marijuana stores and nobody came? OK, that hasn’t happened in Colorado. We exaggerate. But the point is that something unexpectedhas occurred in terms of marijuana sales during the first six months of retail stores: Medical marijuana purchases have held strong and easily outpaced the […]

Craft Beer Industry Taps Profits of “Big Beer”

What do growlers, taps, Busch Gardens and the Florida legislature have in common? Beer.  Laws regulating the brewing and distribution by small or “craft” brewers in the Sunshine State have become a flashpoint for efforts to change liquor laws in other states.

The Danger of Teens “Vaping” Alcohol

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Experts are warning parents of a new, dangerous way for teenagers to get drunk and fast. It’s a dangerous new high that’s getting teens drunker, faster and the consequences could be deadly. The new underage drinking trend putting teens at risk is called “vaping” which is not to be confused with a […]

3 Critical Steps

Spring cleaning is a long-revered tradition of discarding unnecessary clutter to make way for a more productive year. Applying this same concept to alcohol policies and procedures can yield tremendous long-term benefits, reduced risks and protection against liability. The keys to cleaning up your alcohol service program include a strict, and easily understood written policy; […]

Powdered Alcohol — for real?

Putting a can of beer in a brown paper bag is about to look like child’s play. A new product that’s somehow been approved by US regulators makes booze as discreet as a packet of sugar. It’s called Palcohol, and it transforms a shot of vodka or rum into a pocketable pouch of powder. Tear […]