Which State Drinks the Most Wine?

While you may think of the U.S. as a nation of beer drinkers, we’re drinking increasingly more wine in this country.According to the California-based Wine Institute, in 2012 Americans drank 2.7 gallons of wine per person, which was up from around 1.5 gallons in the 1970s.  

A Wake Up Call to Parents

Hidden cameras reveal adults buying alcohol for underage ‘teens’ Source: TODAY Jeff Rossen and Avni Patel Feb. 26, 2014 Spring break is coming up, and that means underage kids looking to score alcohol. Underage drinking can turn tragic. Each year, 4,700 people under the age of 21 die from causes related to drinking, from alcohol poisoning to […]

Sweet Wine Sales on the Grow

Sweet-wine sales continue to grow. So much so that Americans are drinking more Italian wines than Italians themselves, according to a Reuters report, and owing to the popularity of sparkling wines from the southern European country and millennials. Italian varieties are the top imported wine in the United States, which is the world’s largest consumer […]

10 Inventive Ways to Use Beer

By Chelsea Conte This title may come as a bit of shock, but people can use beer for activities other than drinking. Although ingesting it may be our favorite way to use beer, we’ve compiled a list of several different ways to use beer in our daily lives. Get ready to utilize all that left […]

Heaviest Drinking Cities in the US

The Centers for Disease Control recently released statistics that ranked cities by the percentage of residents who drink heavily (defined as men who have more than two drinks daily, and women who consume more than one) and binge drink (men who down more than five drinks at a sitting on occasion, and women who polish off more than four). […]

How to find a job in the wine business

Eric Orange, Philadelphia Wine Shopping Examiner I’m often asked, “I hate my job. How can I work in the wine business?”, so here’s what I tell folks. The first thing to realize is that entry level into the wine business is not typically a high paying position. If you are currently making a good paycheck, chances are […]

Teen Drinking Rates Hit Historic Lows, U.S. Government Reports

WASHINGTON — A major Federal study released today reported that underage drinking is at its lowest level since the study’s inception in 1975, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. The 2013 Monitoring the Future survey, jointly released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Michigan, noted that alcohol consumption rates among […]

Colorado wine industry grows

Study: Wineries contribute $144M to state economy By Chuck Slothower Durango Herald Colorado State University study found the wine industry contributed $144 million to the state’s economy in 2012, a figure that has more than tripled since a similar study was conducted in 2005. Colorado’s wine industry is “strong and vibrant,” says Doug Caskey, executive […]

The Fourth Tier

After Prohibition, which was repealed just over 80 years ago by the 21st Amendment, the model of choice for states to regulate the alcohol industry was the three tier system. In a nutshell, this created a framework where producers and suppliers of alcohol worked independently from wholesalers and distributors as well as the retailers in […]

5 Tips for Responsible Entertaining

With the holiday entertaining season just around the corner, the Distilled Spirits Council is encouraging adult consumers to celebrate the holidays in moderation by offering a free downloadable brochure featuring tips on how to host responsible cocktail parties at DrinkinModeration.org.  “As family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays or mark special occasions, the Distilled […]