Live Responsible Vendor Training


Please review the following information to become familiar with the mechanics of our video training.


In preparation for the training, please have your photo ID with you to show to the instructor.  There will be an exam at the conclusion of the instruction so it might be advisable to also have paper and pen/pencil at the ready.

When you receive an email from the trainer with instructions to engage, get comfortable, have your camera and microphone engaged on your electronic device.


Along with one-one interaction with the instructor, an informative power point and accompanying videos may be available during your class.  Asking questions is always welcomed.

The Test

Upon completion of the instruction, the instructor will provide you with the required post instruction test.  You will have a “block of time” to take the test at the end of the online training class. Your test is automatically graded and you will know almost instantly if you have passed.

Should you fail the test, you must reschedule with the instructor to establish another time in which you can take the test.

Your Certificate

The fourth and final step after passing the class is for you to receive your certificate.  The instructor will inform you of how you will receive this certificate.  We do appreciate your support and investment in acquiring and maintaining your training.

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